Julie Fragar

Julie Fragar

Julie Fragar (b. 1977) makes paintings about the stories we tell. Intensely biographical, her work toes the line between fiction and fact creating vast, vivid imagery that is the stuff of myth-making. Text paintings with pithy and often plaintiff declamations function in tandem with dramatic images, prompting tangential readings and critical speculation. Disparate imagery is often superimposed in complex, multi-layered compositions. In her intense studies of ostensible realities, Fragar alludes to the fallibility of facts and the cryptic potential of subject matter.

Fragar has exhibited nationally and internationally in major institutions. Her 2018 solo exhibition at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Next Witness, toured to the Supreme Court Library in 2019. Other notable exhibitions include The National: New Australian Art, Carriageworks, Sydney (2019); Ramsay Art Prize, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide (2017); and GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane (2015). Her work is held in major public collections nationally including the Art Gallery of NSW; Art Gallery of South Australia; and the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane to name a few.

Selected works

    Exhibit 30: Post-Mortem Injury (Incise Wound)

    Julie Fragar

    Exhibit 30: Post-Mortem Injury (Incise Wound) 2018

    Lady Barron Falls Over

    Julie Fragar

    Lady Barron Falls Over 2021

    Mopping Up (Looking After Herself)

    Julie Fragar

    Mopping Up (Looking After Herself) 2021


    Julie Fragar

    Shhhhh 2020

    This is Not a Dress Rehearsal: A Catalogue of Final Options

    Julie Fragar

    This is Not a Dress Rehearsal: A Catalogue of Final Options 2019

    Father Takes Control, Father Goes Mad

    Julie Fragar

    Father Takes Control, Father Goes Mad 2014


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    Julie Fragar

    Wash Your Face in Cold Water

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  • Next Witness

    Julie Fragar

    Next Witness

    6 October - November 3, 2018

  • Trial Paintings: Life Narratives from the Supreme Court of Queensland

    Julie Fragar

    Trial Paintings: Life Narratives from the Supreme Court of Queensland

    15 March - April 13, 2017

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    New Paintings

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  • Marathon Boxing and Dog Fights

    Julie Fragar

    Marathon Boxing and Dog Fights

    16 May - June 15, 2013

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    Julie Fragar

    The Albatross and a Mountain Man

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  • The Oracles

    Julie Fragar

    The Oracles

    20 November - December 12, 2009

  • Dynamo Hum

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  • Liar

    Julie Fragar


    15 April - May 17, 2008

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