Huseyin Sami

Huseyin Sami

Huseyin Sami was born in England in 1979 and currently lives and works in Sydney. His practice is an ongoing enquiry into—and rearticulation of—painting. His conceptual approach distills painting conventions, granting new and unpredictable potential to its distinct agents. In his pursuit of material independence, Sami relinquishes artistic agency and embraces the element of chance. Sami's invented painting apparatus, called 'painting machines', extend the time and space between himself and painting in order to invite uncontrolled and natural circumstances into the process. These inventions include tiered constructions through which paint passes before arriving on the surface and hyper-extended paint brushes used to mark distant surfaces. Sami often conducts live performances from which paintings are produced, also. 

Sami received a Bachelor of Visual Arts with with First Class Honours from Sydney College of the Arts in 2000, and a Master of Visual Arts from the same institution in 2003. He has exhibited internationally in major exhibitions including Equal Area, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney (2018); Superposition of Three Types, Artspace, Sydney (2017); Shut Up and Paint, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2016); Vivid, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2016); and Primavera, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2004). His work is held in public and private collections internationally including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Selected works

    Untitled (WP)

    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled (WP) 2018

    Untitled (silver on silver)

    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled (silver on silver) 2020


    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled 2021

    Untitled (WPPGB)

    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled (WPPGB) 2020

    Untitled (Black on Black) #1

    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled (Black on Black) #1 2019

    White Floor Work #2

    Huseyin Sami

    White Floor Work #2 2012


  • Silvering

    Huseyin Sami


    17 April - May 15, 2021

  • I dream in colour

    Huseyin Sami

    I dream in colour

    19 September - October 17, 2020



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  • Sydney Contemporary

    Sydney Contemporary

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  • Silver Jubilee

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  • Sydney Contemporary 2018

    Sydney Contemporary 2018

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  • Untitled statement

    Huseyin Sami

    Untitled statement

    14 April - May 12, 2018

  • Good Times

    Huseyin Sami

    Good Times

    27 July - August 26, 2017

  • little league

    little league

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  • Whispers from a band of Myth Makers

    Huseyin Sami

    Whispers from a band of Myth Makers

    15 October - November 14, 2015

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  • The art of ending a conversation

    Huseyin Sami

    The art of ending a conversation

    11 July - August 2, 2014

  • Group Show 27

    Group Show 27

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    1 - May 31, 2014

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  • I mark you, I cancel you, I dirty you

    Huseyin Sami

    I mark you, I cancel you, I dirty you

    4 April - May 11, 2013

  • Masculin Feminin (part 2)

    Masculin Feminin (part 2)

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  • Prime Cuts

    Huseyin Sami

    Prime Cuts

    24 March - April 23, 2011

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    B & W

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  • I wish I was a Fauve in 1905

    Huseyin Sami

    I wish I was a Fauve in 1905

    25 September - October 17, 2009

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  • Sweet Days Wilderness

    Huseyin Sami

    Sweet Days Wilderness

    7 - September 29, 2007

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    Matthys Gerber

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